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Distilling the Landscape – Murray Livingston

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Webinar hosted by Paul Crawford
First broadcast on Thursday 6th June, 2024
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Paul is joined on this webinar by Murray Livingston

Distilling the Landscape

We welcome photographer Murray Livingston to PhotoClub247 weekly webinar.

This presentation is a reflection on Murray’s creative process, taking you on a virtual hike in the Highlands of Scotland to unpack how and why he composes photographs in the landscape through the lens of distillation.

He engages with the hard question of “why do I make photographs” and delves into the wide ranging creative influences on his black and white photography, namely Japanese philosophy and the self-reflective act of walking in nature.

About Murray

Murray is a South African landscape and nature photographer based in the UK who leads adventure workshops and creative retreats all over the world.

He is a deep thinker with interests in wildlife & conservation, philosophy, and design.

He has lived on 4 continents, most recently in Scotland for 7 years, where he completed a Masters of Architecture.

All of this translates into Murray’s contemplative and introspective approach to photography. Appreciating nature is at the core of Murray’s approach to practicing and teaching photography: he believes in developing a conversation between nature and photographer through careful observation and learning.

Photography is his way of connecting with our planet’s wilderness.

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Webinar hosted by Paul Crawford

Paul has been a full-time professional photographer since 1990. He is married to Patricia and the proud Dad to 2 fantastic sons. He photographs around 30 Weddings each year in Northern Ireland and is an experienced Photography Tutor running Photography Courses and Workshops. He is the founder of

Home  |   Webinar Replay LibraryDistilling the Landscape – Murray Livingston
First broadcast on Thursday 6th June, 2024
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