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Bradley Carr Landscapes

Finding Light – Brad Carr

Thursday 13th June, 2024
7pm (uk)
Hosted by Paul Crawford

Paul is joined on this webinar by Brad Carr

We are delighted to be joined by Mid Wales based photographer Brad Carr.

“Why are you here?

That was a question Brad asked himself back in the summer of 2018 when, one day, he woke up feeling completely lost and alone in this world.

He wasn’t sure what else there was to do but take a walk outside to further lose himself.

He picked up a camera and it quickly became the bridge that connected his rich and vibrant inner world with that of the outer world.

His mind was the map, and his heart, the compass.

After a few tentative steps outdoors into this new world, he could not stop walking.

He left some old friends behind, as well as many of his old habits and behaviours.

In this talk and presentation, Brad wants to talk a little bit about his journey to get ‘here’.

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160. Bradley Carr Landscapes

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