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Focus on the Future: New Beginnings

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Webinar hosted by Paul Crawford
First broadcast on Thursday 18th January, 2024
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Photographer retouching photos on his computer. Work in progress

New Year – New Beginnings

We’re excited to start our new webinar series, perfect for anyone just starting with photography or those looking for inspiration to take your photography to new levels.

This is “Focus on the Future: New Beginnings,” and it’s all about helping photographers like you!

Announcing new interviews with experienced photographers to inspire you.

Hints, Tips and Answers to all your photography questions, available on our platform 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

In this webinar, Paul will discuss the plans for the platform and answer any questions you may have, as we transfer to Youtube Live as our webinar broadcast host.

And he will be broadcasting live from his new studio space! (hopefully! lol!!) 

Whether you’re just picking up a camera or already taking some great shots, we’re here to help you learn and grow.

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Webinar hosted by Paul Crawford

Paul has been a full-time professional photographer since 1990. He is married to Patricia and the proud Dad to 2 fantastic sons. He photographs around 30 Weddings each year in Northern Ireland and is an experienced Photography Tutor running Photography Courses and Workshops. He is the founder of

Home  |   Webinar Replay LibraryFocus on the Future: New Beginnings
First broadcast on Thursday 18th January, 2024
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