Online Wedding Photography Course

Get Advice & Guidance from an Experienced Professional Wedding Photographer

Have you been asked to take photos at a Wedding?

Is this you? You love taking photographs! In fact, your friends say that you are pretty good at it. They are so impressed with your photographs they have asked you to take the photographs at their wedding!

But wait! 

You have never photographed a wedding before! Where do you start? What shots do I need to take? How do I pose the couple to make them look fantastic on their wedding day? Where do I stand to get the best shots? What equipment do I need?

Wouldn't it be great if you could ask these questions and many more to a professional wedding photographer with over 30 years experience shooting weddings? Now you can... Introducing my new Online Wedding Photography Course...

Wedding Photography - Tricks of the Trade

Online Wedding Photography Course
Available on desktop, tablet & mobile

There are plenty of Wedding Photography Courses - many from high-profile "Rock Star" photographers. They feature beautiful models in beautiful locations - a far cry from what many of us will face when photographing local weddings

A Practical Guide to Wedding Photography

What makes this course different is that we offer practical advice using examples from real weddings. No over-stylized shoots that take hours to arrange - that is just not practical on a typical wedding day!

As you work through the course, your instructor, Paul Crawford, a professional wedding photographer,  will give you the Tricks of the Trade - helpful tips he has picked up over the past 30 years of shooting weddings.

From preparation for the wedding day, tips for getting the best shots at key moments throughout the wedding to advice on post-production, digital workflow (save you hours in front of the computer!!) and opening his contacts book with the names of the best suppliers in the business for Wedding albums and other products for your couples.

This is NOT a course for learning how to work a camera! We have another course for that! You shouldn't even consider photographing a wedding if you don't know the difference between a bus stop and an f-stop! This course is aimed at helping you with specific issues and techniques associated with Wedding Photography

Meet the Instructor - Paul Crawford

I have been a full-time professional photographer for the past 30 years. I know, I don't look old enough! But I did start very young and I have used a lot of Photoshop in this picture! 😉

It has been a privilege to have been asked to photograph well over 1300 weddings during that time. There isn't much I have not seen during a wedding day!

I am a Past President of the Professional Photographers Association of Northern Ireland and gained my Associateship in Wedding Photography from both the Master Photographer Association and the Irish Professional Photographers Association, winning several awards along the way for both my Wedding & Portrait Photography.

Most of my time is now spent running my Photography Academy and this website, helping others improve their photography. I still really enjoy taking photographs at weddings, shooting around 25/30 each year.

Paul Crawford
Your Instructor, Paul Crawford

"Paul was excellent. He has a relaxed way about him, and you can be certain he will answer any question. There is no sense of him hiding things, or holding things back because he wants to protect his niche. I liked the fact he had a lot of experience to draw on when answering questions”

“Very honest and informative teaching which was refreshing”

“Great patience in answering my many questions, with knowledgeable answers clearly drawn from years of experience”

"Paul was so knowledgeable and an expert in this field, he made the entire course worthwhile and of great benefit to anyone considering starting a wedding photography business"

Everything is Online - No Travel Required

The course is based online so you can learn at your own pace and fit the course around your work/family commitments.

Watch one lesson a day or binge-watch the entire course - whatever suits you best! You can revisit the lessons and refresh your knowledge at any time!

What you will Learn

This course features 30 bite-sized lessons split over three sections. Each lesson features a video with Paul explaining that topic alongside supporting graphics, text and downloads

Section 1


In this section, we look at the different styles of wedding photography alongside the attributes needed to be a Wedding Photographer, the essential equipment you need to shoot a wedding and the plans you need to have in place before the wedding day

Section 2

The Wedding Day

In this section, we cover the wedding day itself - what you need to do and where you need to be to capture those special moments. Using examples from real-life weddings, Paul will show you how to capture all the important stages of the wedding day

Section 3


After the wedding day, the real works starts! In this section, we will explore the back-up options to ensure data security and a digital workflow the ensures you don't spend hours in front of the computer! Paul will be opening his contacts book with the names of the best suppliers in the business

At the end of this intensive online wedding photography course, you will have loads of information on planning for wedding photography, shooting techniques and a guide to editing that will save you hours in front of the computer! You will have the skills and knowledge to confidently photograph your next wedding and help couples treasure their wedding day memories forever!

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